Our Team

Late Willie and Lea (Mum to many of the neighbourhood kids) Brown turned the first sods on an empty paddock 32 years ago with the dream of growing Dad’s favourite grape variety – Pinot Noir.


2-I-C, chief runner-arounder. Can be seen from time to time in the tasting room, but is quite happy to be in the background and can be spotted often out in the vineyard on the tractor. She prefers to use it to garden. 

Shawn (aka Brownie)

Willie and Lea’s son. You might well recognise him if you have visited us. He is the grower, wine maker and chief bottle washer, and of course charmer in the tasting room.


Krysta doesn’t want to miss out on anything and can often be seen mowing the lawns, giving a hand to put out and bring in nets, or in the barrel hall labelling.


Shawn’s first born and apple of his eye. She has been at many Toasts. Some of you might recall the roof incident that makes her hard to forget. With varsity approaching she will be busy studying rather than in the vineyard.

Merry, Filo and Bella


a.k.a. Ratboi, Rati, or our “Dash Hound” as his favourite place to sit is on the dashboard of the vineyard ute and greets all who come near with great gusto!

Merry Christmas

aka. Merry our 12 year old garbage guts and famous wanderer. 

Ciao Bella Princess

a.k.a. Bella the husky lab, she has no concept that she is a dog, she is always at the vineyard unless she feels a walk on her own to the local café has greater appeal.



She is not very social, you might spot her but don’t blink as she will be gone.



She is very social, she has been known to make herself comfortable on the back table of the tasting room on a tasters jacket in the sun.

Being somewhat of a family affair, it’s all hands to the pumps at harvest, bottling and Toast time. 

There is a core of hard-working family and friends who pitch in to lend a hand.