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Hand crafted wines using traditional winemaking practices and minimal intervention winemaking. Low cropping, non-irrigated 27 year old vines. “Pops” favourite wine was Pinot Noir and this petulant and somewhat arrogant wine still continues to frustrate and fascinate winemakers and drinkers alike. Being somewhat of the “Tofu” of the wine world picking flavours and character from it environment makes for an interesting ever changing wine. Planted alongside Pinot Noir is the infamous Martinborough Mad Red, Dad planted this along with several other wine growers and was thought to be Syrah or Shiraz for you Aussies. It has a cult like following to those who like it and utter disdain for those that don’t. Love it or hate it, does make for some interesting wines . However one of the things that it does love is being fortified, which leads us on to our wine liqueur............    If its not heaven, its as close as your going to get and then have it with dark chocolate ! We have been blessed with the artful wine making Wendy Potts, of “Church Road “ heritage for a few years now, whose 2013 Chardonnay was outstanding. If we can buy in some chardonnay grapes again as planned - stay tuned
“eye of the beholder”
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“It doesn’t matter if your Glass is half full or half empty - Just fill it up”
Being some what of a family affair, its all hands to the pumps. There’s never a shortage of friends family and utterly usless advice !

               Apres being bottled

Catch a Tranzit wine Tour www.tranzittours.co.nz p: 06 307 6600